contrAA® 800 F

contrAA® 800 F – this is a high-resolution compact atomic absorption spectrometer with a continuous spectrum source with flame atomization and hydride technology, which allows you to perform fast sequential and simultaneous multi-element analysis by flame decomposition of a sample in a wide operating range – from trace to high concentrations.

The combination of flame atomization with a hydride prefix in the contrAA 800 F allows the determination of hydride-forming elements such as antimony, arsenic, bismuth, selenium or tin.

contrAA® 800 F The benefits are obvious:

  • One light source to identify all elements
  • contrAA® 800 F allows you to detect any element at any wavelength available to this element
  • Unique background correction system
  • Simultaneous and sequential multi-element analysis
  • Quick exit to an operating mode
  • High sample processing speed
  • Ease of use and reliability